Elephants to Alligators


Travel update! Jesus Lopez and myself will be taking our spring break late this year and traveling to Gainesville, FL to work at Death or Glory Tattoo Parlour April 9-13, 2013. I’m looking forward to spending some time with my sisters and friends in Gainesville and doing some work. I’m booking appointments now, interested parties should e-mail me at tattoos.by.kristyn@gmail.com with ideas and availability. We’re also hoping to stop by the Tampa TattooFest if we have a little time on Sunday, so it should be a fun week.

The alligator drawing above is one of the first designs I did in this pop-cubist like style I’ve been playing with, and I’ve had an overwhelmingly positive response to them! Most recently, a girl that came to the shop with one of Jesus’ clients was checking out my book and asked me to draw up an elephant with daisies and diamonds inside. I’m more than happy to accommodate requests for custom work, as tattoos or commissioned drawings/paintings so if you have ideas, send them my way!


About Kristyn Michele Bat

Teacher, tattooer, artist.

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  1. I’m excited to see you and to get two new tattoos!

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