Artists in Action this Weekend!

It’s been too long since a non-work-related art workshop has graced the crowded, inky pages of my planner. Or the clean, digital Google version constantly streaming Facebook events to my phone, for that matter. This weekend I’ll be spending some time with Miami-based, Venezuelan-born artist Odalis Valdivieso at the Girls’ Club Collection in Fort Lauderdale. Following Odalis’ artist talk (Friday night and free to the public), we’ll be creating our own limited edition series of postcard prints.

Odalis will lead participants in the creation of a limited edition series of post cards made out of magazines clippings. The resulting collages will be digitized on site and be printed in a series of 6 prints.

How fun does that sound? I’m so excited! The last artist workshop I had the privilege of attending was at Art and Culture Center of Hollywood, where I got to rub elbows with the fabulous TM Sisters and learn easy DIY bookmaking techniques that I’m still teaching to my students almost every year. My mom and I started collecting antique postcards when I was in high school, on a weekend trip to Lake Worth. Even before then, I’ve never been able to pass up a postcard opportunity. Remember those clear acrylic boxes of postcard advertisements that you used to see in downtowns around the country? I don’t know if they still exist, I definitely don’t see them in Ft. Lauderdale anymore, but maybe I’m just… old now and don’t get out much anymore. (EDIT: They were called GoCards, but it seems they’ve grown up, moved on to water stencils and GoCoasters nowadays) I used to raid the hell out of those, use them in collages, send them to my friends. And tacky tourist postcards from Florida are the best to send to out-of-towners. You know, the ones with the guys in the banana hammocks and “wish you were here?” So, you can imagine that this workshop is right up my alley.

I’m not sure if I’ll make the Artist Talk on Friday, but I registered and firmly penned in Saturday’s workshop, and so should you! Come make postcards, guys. It will be the coolest thing you’ve done since Trouble With Girls!

Odalis Valdivieso’s artist talk will take place at 7pm, Friday, May 18 (free and open to the public). The workshop is at 1pm, Saturday, May 19 ($30 registration fee) Girls’ Club is located at 117 NE 2nd Street, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301. For more information and to register, visit the Girls’ Club Collection.


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