Two Dollar Spider and Relay for Life

DISCLAIMER: Please ignore that disgusting shelf behind me. The closets in my classroom are a constant work in progress. 

So, I already showed you what I wore for Decades Day during spirit week at school, but I didn’t know anyone had caught a photo of me during “Animal Day” until I saw it on a slide show! I didn’t want to be lame and wear a leopard print skirt and ears on a headband, but I didn’t want to go crazy and buy a whole new outfit. Nor did I want to wear something too fancy and have to safety-pin a piece of burlap onto my body AGAIN to protect it from the art room. As I was perusing the dollar section at Target (paying in cash from now on, mind you) I found this cute spider mask and a bag of rubber bugs and decided to dress up as a spider!

I turned an old white shirt into a spider web by cutting and weaving, then hot glueing on the bugs. Thanks to that awesome environmental crusader and explorer, Melodie Blaize, for showing me the basics of the art of “Sniptease“. She’s currently backpacking “down under” and working with a ton of great independent farms and businesses through Help Exchange. So brave, and I’m so very jealous. So while she’s jet-setting, I have no choice but to snip my own shirts, and I’m doing a DECENT job so far.

I’ll be stealing Melodie’s idea using the knowledge she shared with me to raise money with my students at Relay for Life. I’m teaching a few of my kids to snip shirts, and we’ll be doing t-shirt reconstructions all night at Jaco Pastorius Park in Oakland Park, next Friday, April 27, from 6 pm until midnight. You can show up and buy a shirt from us (bring your own to be custom cut, or pay extra for one that we’ll have on hand) or donate to our team here. Seriously guys, they’re doing this sort of last-minute and really need the donations. :-p

I’ll be participating in Relay in honor of my Grandma, Phyllis Way, who died from lung cancer on February 4, 2009, as well as many friends and family members whose lives have been turned upside down by cancer. Last week, my friend Cecilia was sweet enough to light a luminary in Grandma’s honor at Cypress Bay’s Relay event, and I’d like to return the favor and keep the circle going… Please leave me a comment if you would like me to light a luminary for someone in your life.


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