Hello, Grumpy!

Today, I was actually *not* that grumpy, but I had to put on a mean face because my classes were pretty rotten for the substitute teacher while I was out sick last week. As I mentioned previously, my classes are working on a unit on China and Japan, and we’ve finally come to the part they’ve all been waiting for – Japanese style cartooning. Today we watched three drawing tutorials from Drawing Now, since I’m not naturally skilled at this style and the ability to pause, rewind and repeat steps is crazy useful. I was excited to see there was even a tutorial to draw Hello Kitty, something I am now really good at – after having practiced it for many hours. The kids’ assignment was to use the techniques they learned through drawing their favorite Japanese cartoons to create an anime or Sanrio-style self-portrait. Here was my quick sample! Hope everyone had a happy Monday after the long weekend!



About Kristyn Michele Bat

Teacher, tattooer, artist.

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