Pink cards, check. Blue hair, check. Art-proof manicure, check.

Picked up my new, finally accurate business cards last week on the way to tattoo Jesus’ sister – healed picture and then a second session (sorry, girl!) are definitely coming soon. The man and I both had a pretty full week of tattooing and partied hard this weekend with Erick and my new favorite drink special, Johnnie Walker Double Black and soda on Friday, Square Show opening night and Apache Dragon on Saturday, steak (portabella for the ladies) and zombies with Tom and Julia on Sunday and watching videos from Trojan records until 5 am last night. Several tattoo sessions including some cute little bats on Holly, me turning the bathroom blue with chalk dust and the resulting full-house deep-clean happened somewhere in between. A couple of weeks worth of laundry got washed and my nails got art-proofed with pink shellac, Lucy’s meals are made, it’s time for spring break to start for real. This week has sucked less than usual, South Florida, but it’s time to head on down the road. We’ll be driving up to Gainesville in a few hours to tattoo and hang out with friends and my sisters, and finishing the week in one of the most famous spring break destinations worldwide, Daytona Beach! Watch out, Central Florida, we’re coming back for round two.


About Kristyn Michele Bat

Teacher, tattooer, artist.

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