Perfect Saturday

A few weeks ago, I wrote on Facebook about this perfect Saturday I’d had – tacos at my favorite restaurant with my friends Tom and Julia, then scooted right across the street to Jerry’s Artarama. Came home and tattooed a portrait of Marilyn Monroe (photos coming soon!) on one of my favorite clients, Laz. This week I got another awesome Saturday of art, food, tattoos and friends.

I spent the morning feverishly working to finish my piece (above) for the Square Show at Bear and Bird. It was pretty much done, but a little bird told me to work more on the little bird, so I did. And completely screwed it up, ended up blocking it out and starting over two or three times. Got it done and headed out to Tate’s with Jesus, Randy and Jessie and Jessie’s mini-me, where a very nice boyfriend bought me this Kitty-Chan pencil case made by Loungefly.

Then we went to Hooters since it was right across the street and we were all hungry. Although my vote for Korean food at Gabose was unanimously overruled, I never really mind going to Hooters. I can get steamed shrimp or clams with wing sauce, a side of celery and bleu cheese, and not feel like I’m missing anything big … as far as the food goes. Someone will just have to owe me a BBQ tofu dinner maybe after the Square Show opening (on March 10!).

Later on, Dany (known as Pineapple to his friends) came through and finally got this geisha and hannya mask tattooed. He claimed it at the South Florida convention back in August, when he saw it on my girly japanese flash sheet. You can buy a print over at my Etsy shop, go ahead, I don’t mind! I told him I’d reserve it for him, and he was true to his word. We didn’t get to finish the color, but he was definitely “Army Strong” throughout the process of tattooing this less than comfortable spot.

A productive day came to a close on the patio with brownies and beer, a group of friends, and Lucy getting overwhelmed by multiple petters and almost biting someone’s face off. So, mostly a really good day.


About Kristyn Michele Bat

Teacher, tattooer, artist.

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  1. lapoupeequifaitnon

    more food, more art, more friends : )

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