Mom’s Custom Handfasting

I’m so excited to announce that those crazy (Jesus has another word for them) pirates, Mom and Chip have decided to “tie the knot.” In accordance with the old traditions we follow in our home, the handfasting is a religious ceremony tying two people together in loving commitment. The binding will be upheld for a year and a day, at which point the couple decides whether they will break the bounds and go their separate ways or confirm them and stay together. After 23 years apart since the first time they were a couple and eight since their reunion, I seriously doubt a year and a day is going to change anything about how disgustingly in love these two are. 😉 At that point, if they decide to sign their name on some flimsy court document, that’s when they’ll do it, but that’s really the least important part of this ritual. As their true anniversary falls on February 29, only happening during leap year, there was no time to waste, and plans are being made to commit the rite in just a few weeks! So, with the help of Pinterest and having done this once before, I’ve put my skills on full speed ahead to make invitations, pick out dresses with my sisters, design centerpieces and a certificate, help come up with a menu, and assure my mom about a hundred times a day that it’s all going to be beautiful. Here’s what we’ve got so far!


About Kristyn Michele Bat

Teacher, tattooer, artist.


  1. Such a lovely post..and I believe you, it’s all going to be *beautiful!* Thank you, sweetie. ❤

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