Dog is my Co-pilot.

From the abundance of posts and photos starring my lovable Red American Dickwhipper and the visually challenged Presley, those of you who know me know that I love my pets. Fooling around with my camera I decided to capture some of the other animals I live with.

As some might know, our Loki pictured above is a rescue from Shy Wolf Sanctuary in Naples. My mom had visited and volunteered with Shy Wolf for years before getting matched up with the perfect adoptee for our family. Loki had been bounced around between well-meaning foster homes after being found on a roadside, if I’m not mistaken, before finally being rescued by Shy Wolf. When we heard about what a sweet boy he was, we started the adoption process and he came to live with us just about two years ago. Now he and Lucy are the best of friends, and she is eternally indebted to him for introducing her to the raw food diet she loves so much.

If you can’t volunteer or adopt a wolf dog, you can still help Shy Wolf! This great organization gives homes to an array of exotic animals that need special care. During the last weekend of February, you can do something sweet for yourself, your pets and animals in need by visiting this event sponsored by Sanford-Brown Institute. Human health services will be provided FREE (or $99 for a mammogram) and services for cats and dogs are $10 for vaccinations and $5 for ear cleaning and nail trim. Proceeds from the pets “Feel Good Clinic” will benefit Shy Wolf as well as the SPCA Wildlife Care Center in Fort Lauderdale.


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