Pinned Up

It was definitely one of *those* weekends again, where I wake up on Monday with dirty hair and a messy bedroom. Unlike the last time this happened and I took a mid-week mental health day, the lack of doing chores was not due to illness but serious partying, painting and a pin-up photo shoot. Here are some highlights of the latter event, Pinned Up at The Bubble (IWAN) this past Sunday, February 5:

Cute lingerie was donned, feathery fans were strategically placed, the hair and makeup team put their blood and (literally – due to lack of air conditioning) sweat into transforming everyday ladies into sexy ass pin-up girls in almost no time flat. Big props to Miss Jenna Beth of Cupcake Burlesque for being so amazingly dedicated to the art of the pin-up and burlesque; it was so sweet to watch her help the ladies really work it with their poses! Mom and I were there repping On the Way Vintage and Red Apple with train cases, paintings and prints, but of course we did a shoot ourselves, and we’re on the edge of our seats waiting to see the photos! Overall, a really fun day. I met so many super cool girls that I hope to work with again. The organizer of Pinned Up, Nancy, really hit on something special with this event – it was plain to see the transformations taking place for some gals who never thought they’d belong in front of a camera!


About Kristyn Michele Bat

Teacher, tattooer, artist.

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