Winter in Miami

Why Living in South Florida is Usually Worth it / Reason 367: Winter.

Over my winter break, Jesus and I attended the wedding of longtime friends of his, Kayleigh and Dave. The ceremony was held at the Miami Rowing Club on Key Biscayne, a beautiful venue with the most incredible view. As a person who once got married in the middle of summer, I can attest to the fact that weddings in South Florida can be kind of tricky, but when everything goes according to plan – wow! I think this mid-December ceremony was just perfect, last month being the season of “it’s okay to wear that cute sweater but you don’t really have to yet.” We’re coming to the end of that period now, and will soon experience a few “very cold” (no bare feet outside) days until February when everything will start getting swampy and oversaturated again. But for now, I’m enjoying the small things – black leather interior that doesn’t feel like it’s melting into my ass everytime I get in the car, not having to use a ton of anti-frizz product in my hair, drinking hot beverages outdoors without my makeup dissolving. Thanks to this cute couple for giving us an excuse to make the most of the gorgeous weather, and a big congratulations to them. ❤


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