New Year, New STUFF!

It’s Friday, the last day of my first week back to work after a gloriously lazy two weeks off. My Kristynmas/winter holiday season was absolutely wonderful. I don’t have time right now to go on about it because I actually spent my planning period doing grades today and after scarfing down my amazing take-in lunch from Boston Bagel Cafe, I only have like fifteen minutes left til hordes of teenagers interrupt my quiet, blogging, listening to Radiohead time. So, look at all this awesome new crap I’m sporting today!

First is the new hairstyle, a luxurious product of Kristynmas that I treated myself to. I already had this wack grown-out ombre thing going on as a result of having dyed my hair orange, re-dyed it black, and then re-bleached it all out in the course of the past two years. My new stylist, this cutie pie  Christy Delgado at Battaglia, agreed with me that it already looked kind of cool, so she just fixed it up to make it look more intentional by painting on a warm chocolate-y brown to the roots, lightening up the ends and adding some highlights to my bangs. SWAG.

The sweater is from Forever 21 “Boutique”, whatever that means, ordered online with the gift card that my Pops bravely wandered into Heritage to purchase. You can look forward to many more posts tagged with “forever21,” even though I do think I’m a little too old for some of their stuff.

And then the PEARLS! Super surprise Christmas morning gift, extra romantic, from the boyfriend. He rightfully fought with the saleslady to insist on purchasing a non-matching-to-the-necklace pair of black pearl earrings, which you can almost just see in this photo next to my chunky white gauges.

The bell is ringing as I type, so I’m off. Later on I’ll detail the other “new stuff” that isn’t as obvious in the above pic – the makeup on my face from Smashbox and Urban Decay and – it’s not all girly materialism, I promise – there’s also the Nook ready to be filled with selections from the 1001 Books to Read Before You Die, and goals on the DayZero list I forgot about until my friend Jessa reminded me. Welcome to 2012!!!!


About Kristyn Michele Bat

Teacher, tattooer, artist.

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