Lucky Gnocchi

One of the unfortunate side effects of working full time and then some is a marked lack of time spent with friends. Between school, tattooing, art-making and family time it’s rare that I get the opportunity to do something like go out to dinner with my ladies. In addition to reading more, it’s something I’m going to try to do more of in 2012 in response to the question I often ask myself – why the hell am I working so hard?

Lucky Gnocchi night at Piola was just the excuse I needed to get together with some girls to do totally stereotypical girls night stuff: eat, drink and giggle uncontrollably about work, weiners, and jewelry. You know, the life of a modern gal. I hope it can be an excuse for you to do the same! It’s not too late, get down there!

Come participate in this international tradition.
The story begins with a missionary arriving in a small village in Italy on the 29th of an unknown month. He arrived upon a very poor house asking for food. He was welcomed to their house and was offered the only thing they had on the table, “Gnocchi”. The missionary was very thankful for their warm reception and wonderful food. Soon after the missionary left the house, the poor family found some gold coins right under their Gnocchi plate… 
Since then the “Lucky Gnocchi Legend” has gained recognition all over the world. Families gather together every 29th of the month and enjoy Gnocchi in order to have luck and prosperity in their lives.  PIOLA has adopted this beautiful legend, “Lucky Gnocchi Day”. Come and enjoy all you can eat homemade Gnocchi for one low price, served in a variety of sauces every 29th of the month.


About Kristyn Michele Bat

Teacher, tattooer, artist.


  1. OMG! Wayne and I want in! Please remind if we’re ever there on a 29th!

  2. We must do this again.

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