Happy Kristynmas!

I’ve taken the past month off from blogging or otherwise exerting myself to commit to a weeks-long annual birthday celebration. This sounds decadent to the extreme, but it’s really not my fault or choice, I just have a lot of family and given the position of my birthday right between Thanksgiving and Christmas, the festivities just tend to blend… and extend through the end of the month.

The Quick and Dirty Rundown

First there was a pre-birthday dinner with my sister-daddy (the former stepdad, father of my sisters and male figure I did my day-to-day growing up with) at Tijuana Taxi Co.   in Davie. Several friends tagged along. Drinks were had, a pink sombrero was donned, and we shared fried ice cream.

I took off work on the “actual day” and hung around the house all morning, was served bagels in bed and did some laundry (exciting!) before meeting up with my Mom and Dad at Japan Inn in Weston. I was instantly won over by the description of the silky, white Nigori Sake and thought about the song “Nights in White Satin” that I’d been wanting to hear on Pandora for a few weeks. Several hand rolls, age tofu, and tempura bananas made their appearance. Japan Inn is one of my favorite places for sushi.

Then Jesus and I headed to Lake Worth where we checked into the Elvis Room at the adorable New Sun Gate Motel before going to Bamboo Room for Music in the Round and then Propaganda for drinks after the show. I really loved Marie Nofsinger’s (who is really hard to track down on the internet, and whose name was misspelled on the Bamboo Room calendar!) songs about Florida, the hospitality at the New Sun Gate, the cheap and tasty beers at Propaganda and the general good vibe of Lake Worth.

Woke up in the Elvis room, ate leftover pastelitos, and finally heard Nights in White Satin, courtesy of the Pandora app on my new Android tablet (thanks, Dad!) Got a sub for my first period class and strolled into work late on Friday and enjoyed an easy but rushed last day of school before winter break. Put up some bulletin boards, got lots of sweet cards from my students, and conned the 8th graders into helping me refill watercolor pans and clean the closet. Left in a hurry and forgot ALL of my work there. Oops! Guess I’ll just have to relax for two weeks!

Friday night was another celebration, Italian deli style dinner and Hello Kitty theme at home with the Bats. Sandwiches, pasta salad, pickled peppers, rum cake, cookies and pink moscato were passed around the table between my Mom, her Chip, my sister Brynna and her Ray, my Dad and Jesus. It was the first birthday in probably my whole life that my other little sister Lindsey wasn’t there, but I only had to wait another week before she’d make her triumphant return from her first semester away at college.

(Insert several Winter Solstice, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day celebrations at the homes of multiple family members, a wedding, two craft shows and a ton of shopping/crafting here, to be further discussed at a later date.)

Christmas night heralded the last hurrah of Kristynmas, where after a hearty dinner of ciabatta, antipasto, and ravioli from Mimi’s, I was celebrated along with the three other December birthdays on my Dad’s side of the family. Banana Cream pie from New River Groves, boston cream cake, my grandmother’s napoleon and ricotta cookies, my own sugar bears and gingerbread bats and Jesus’ Fruity Pebble marshmallow treats were scarfed down by Kristynmas revelers.

Thank you to everyone who made my birthday special, especially if I forgot to mention you in this post (so many darn celebrations!), you know who you are. I still have a week of winter break to catch you up on the rest of what’s happened in December, so look out for more silly photos and delicious food talk coming soon.


About Kristyn Michele Bat

Teacher, tattooer, artist.


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