On The Way Vintage

Thanksgiving break sure flew by. I had brought armloads of school work home to do, and wouldn’t you guess it, couldn’t find a spare minute to spend on that. I just couldn’t bring myself to think about work. That doesn’t mean I was completely unproductive – in between staying up late and sleeping in, shopping, tattooing, and a lot of cleaning and organizing my home, I found some time to finally list some items on Etsy. I don’t have any art prints or original pieces ready to sell right now, so I worked on my mom’s store, On The Way Vintage. In addition to her refurbished train cases, I’ll be listing all of the cool thrift store finds that I usually pass up begrudgingly due to limited space at home. Below are my two current favorite items. Look for them this weekend at Art: Sunny Side Up if they don’t get snatched up on Etsy before then!


About Kristyn Michele Bat

Teacher, tattooer, artist.


  1. I absolutely LOVE the Paris mini suitcase, its 100% FABULOUS!

  2. My Etsy has been sadly ignored in favor of grad school. Looking forward to Christmas Break so that I can work on it some! Photoshoot together? 🙂

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