Happy Thanksgiving

It’s almost “Turkey Day”, y’all. If you’re like me, the last Thursday of November is no time for foolishness. You’ve got a tight schedule of three or more Thanksgiving dinners to hit up, with 10+ guests each. Maybe it’ll just be you and someone special kickin it with a bottle and some Chinese take out. Maybe you eschew the gizzardy stuffing and roasted bird for Tofurkey (done it, delicious!) and root vegetable casserole (on our menu also). Maybe Thanksgiving is offensive to you on some level. Hey, it’s a day off of work regardless, right? Unless, of course… you gotta show up just a few hours after dinner to open your store for Black Friday. Like my sister. No matter what, I’m thankful today for a lot of things. In preschool, I told my teacher that for Thanksgiving, I was thankful for my nose. Today I’m thankful that I’m surrounded by color and variety in my life. I’m glad for the tough times, because they’ve shown me who I am and who I can count on. I’m grateful to have gotten the whole house clean and tidy in time to spend the whole rest of the week relaxing, even though it included a few days salary furlough. Mostly, I’m thankful for the people around me who influence, support, tolerate and love me every day.


About Kristyn Michele Bat

Teacher, tattooer, artist.


  1. Wish we could be with you on TGiving but we’ll make it up together around Xmas time.

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