Five Reasons to Celebrate Dia de Los Muertos in Fort Lauderdale

I’m gonna say it again, I’m SO excited to be participating in this event! Yesterday marked ONE WEEK until Dia de Los Muertos Fort Lauderdale. If you know anything about Day of the Dead, or you’ve been to FAT Village, you probably know a little bit about what to expect. Here are five reasons you absolutely have to come out to Fort Lauderdale next Wednesday…

(1) Parading.

I myself have plenty of parade experience. After debuting at the Hollywood Beach Candy Cane Parade, I was quickly promoted to carrying the banner for my baton troupe in the Junior Orange Bowl Parade circa 1992, WITH a sexy ass glowstick-tipped baton. What you got on that, huh? Nothin! That’s why you need to join the Skeleton Processional! Get decked out like the dead and help wrangle a giant skeleton puppet through the streets of downtown. Costumed paraders will be also have free access to the Museum of Art from 4-6.

Photo by Anthony Hopwood

Directions from the Puppet Guild are as follows: Please dress as a skeleton and converge upon the Museum of Art, One East Las Olas Boulevard before 5:45pm in the lobby. At 6 pm, the Processional will move north on Andrews Avenue to NW 5th Street where it will reach the heart of FAT Village. There are also be costume prizes for best Day of the Dead creations.

(2) Drawing.

:jaw drops, Tex-Avery hounddog style:

Model: Abby Trent

If you’ve got an old notebook and a pen on hand, you can totally stop by to ogle this gorgeous senorita and be labeled as an “artist” instead of “creep.” You know what, you can actually be way less creepy and just ask her to take a pic with you in between sketch sessions. I haven’t been to a Dr. Sketchy’s event yet, but I hope I’ll be able to sneak away from my booth long enough to get in a quick sketch. You can get all the details about the when and where at their Meetup page.


Dia de Los Muertos is all about remembering our loved ones who have passed on. If you really want to participate in an authentic manner, you must make your own ofrenda! Luckily, I will be on hand with my lovely assistants to assist you in creating and decorating an appropriate (and recycled!) altar to honor your dearly departed – all you need to do is add photos and candles for display at home.

(4) Feasting.

Now, I’m not a spokesperson for any of the food trucks, and it hasn’t been confirmed WHICH truck will be there, but Day of the Dead Fort Lauderdale is promising “tasty treats from the Mexican food trucks.” With so MANY possibilities for tastiness, it’s just one more reason to come out on November 2.

(5) Rocking Out.

If you want a double dose of Day of the Dead, or just can’t make it out to the main event, there will be a free preview happening this Saturday in conjunction with FAT Village’s regular monthly ArtWalk. Vendors from the Craft Crypt (me!) and the exhibit of community ofrendas will be on display along with other exhibits. You can get a map of FAT Village here.

“The Mexican is familiar with death, jokes about it, caresses it, sleeps with it, and celebrates it. It is one of his favorite playthings and his most steadfast love.”
-Octavio Paz


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