OMG, this weekend!

Friday: Work all day. Exhausting week. Pumpkin cream soup with Jesus, Miguel and Kristin with an i. Or an e? Late-night packing and record-listening.

Saturday: Moving half the apartment. Sorting books while I should have been napping with Jesus. Disappointing dinner at Ra. Coffee at Fox’s. TV on Miguel’s floor. Back to Fox’s with friends including Cesar! Warm whiskey in Cesar’s car. Hot pizza from Mauro’s.

Sunday: Three delicious early morning hours of sleep. Off to Downtown Open Market in Boynton. PAPER FLOWER FRENZY. Coffee. More paper flowers. Take out in bed from Sebastiano’s. That horrible show, the Walking Dead. Sleep.

And then there was one of the worst work Mondays on record, but now here I am. Come back tomorrow after I’ve had some sleep and I’ll give you a full lowdown of the weekend’s craft show.



About Kristyn Michele Bat

Teacher, tattooer, artist.


  1. Sorry you had such an exhausting weekend and rotten Monday! However, that photo of my grand-dog is adorable! 🙂

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