Thanks, but No Thanks.

As if I needed another reason to feel annoyed at the Organized Religious. A few weeks back, my peaceful shopping trip to Bravo for the nasty bits of meat (for my raw-food eating dog) not sold in less adventurous grocery stores was disrupted by a church that has taken up residence in a neighboring storefront. Not only was the parking lot insanely full, but on my way into the store I was accosted by some well-meaning religious nutjobs intent on their duty to spread the Good News of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Normally, I really don’t mind this kind of thing. I think it’s grass roots evangelism, and way more down to earth than trying to force faith on people through stuff like controlling who gets to be married or what passages have to be deleted from textbooks. And if they’re pushy or rude, you can just tell them you’re a lesbian or a Satanist or both and they usually go away. I hung out with a few Mormon missionaries for a while and let them give me the whole pitch. I think I was mostly interested because of what I’d seen on Big Love, to be honest, but the point is that I really normally don’t mind being approached by any sort of religious nutjob. (I mean that in the nicest way.) I think that as a non-religious (tattooed, young) person, I have a duty just like the religious people do, in representing people like me in a positive light.

So what irked me in this situation was that after I had informed them that yes, I had heard the Good News, they proceeded to inquire if I also was aware that we were in the End Times, and did I have anything to repent now or want them to pray for me about? How forward, and assuming! If I have something to repent, is right here on the parking lot, on my way to buy chicken hearts, really the best time? Isn’t that something that should be between me and my Lord and Savior? And, if it is indeed the End Times, then what do I need your prayer for now outside of your hoping that I do repent before it’s “too late”? And now that I’m annoyed, why are you screwing up my meat shopping with your bullshit? End Times or no, I have a hungry dog at home and no time to pray for forgiveness out here between shopping carts and minivans. Thanks, but no thanks. Can you think of any better illustration of the importance of living in the moment?


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Teacher, tattooer, artist.

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