Tattoo Shop Pet Peeve #981: Tattoos for Girls.

Every time someone walks in and has asked me to see the book of “Tattoos for Girls” (or The Book of Zodiac Tattoos, or the Book of Feet Tattoos) I want to cringe but also know that I’m probably the person best suited to help them out, being a “girl” and all, so I grin and bear it and wait to hear their ooh-ing and aah-ing about the fabulously cute and pretty design I come up with for them. (In case you were wondering, we really don’t HAVE books like that… they might exist, but wtf, do you really expect that much specificity? The closest we have is a book of Kanji and a few of religious stuff)

What does a “girly tattoo” mean to you? Something on the foot, hip or rib only? Must include stars, flowers and/or a quote about being beautiful on the inside? Or, if you’re a little more into the “scene,” perhaps you have or want a sleeve of assorted sweets and/or beauty products. As a self-ascribed “girl” myself, I tend to think all of my tattoos are somewhat feminine in placement and subject matter – I have a lot of flowers, birds, a piece inspired by the amazing “girl tattooer” Angelique Houtkamp, and a TON of pink, but when folks call my tattoos or the tattoos I make “girly,” it feels more than a bit pejorative.

I understand that a lot of women are concerned about their tattoos being too “masculine,” and usually what they mean is that they don’t want something heavy-looking that is going to take away from what is already there. A lot of women want their tattoos to accentuate a body part, instead of being the only thing someone sees when they look at you. It’s obviously true also that the style of a design can be inherently more feminine, and this is something that some people really want and some people see as a total affront to the “Art” (capital “A”) of tattooing.

In any case, I happen to be really good at drawing “girly” stuff and I’m just trying not to fight it. Here’s a flash set that I drew up and painted that brings a cute, feminine style to a traditional Asian tattoo theme. All of these designs are ready to be tattooed, come get some! Prints are available as well,contact me to purchase!


About Kristyn Michele Bat

Teacher, tattooer, artist.


  1. I LOVE these. Great work!

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