Tattoo Shop Pet Peeve #487

Dylan Taylor

OK, maybe this doesn’t happen that often, if at all, to those tattoo shops in more upscale neighborhoods, but I’m telling the truth: Twice in the past few weeks a client has “misheard” a price quote by a ridiculous percentage. This past Saturday a guy walked in and asked for a skull design. Jesus talked with him about it and quoted him $80. Pretty cheap as far as most tattoos go, like I said, I work in a street shop in a not so fancy area. The client agreed and Jesus drew up the design, and directed him over to the front desk to make the payment. The guy handed over $10. When asked for the rest of the money, the dude looked extremely bewildered and explained that he thought Jesus had quoted the price as EIGHT dollars, not EIGHT-Y.


Luckily, Jesus asked for payment in advance or he would have done a nice skull tattoo at a 90% discount, but seriously, get the dick out of your ears, people! Erick had a similar experience where he quoted FIFTY and the client tried to pay FIFTEEN and had go get more cash from the ATM.

Listen, there are some tattoo shops, or flea market tattoo booths, or people in their jail cells or kitchens at home, that will charge prices in the ten to twenty dollar range. And a lot of people who do hear our price quotes correctly turn around and walk out immediately, so I should probably clear this up. If you walk into a well-lit tattoo shop that has art (besides BOOG flash) on the walls, an expensive-looking computer or TV screen, and smells clean (not like weed), you probably shouldn’t expect to pay anything less than fifty to a hundred bucks. Ever. No, we don’t have any specials (except this one), we don’t do two for one’s, and we don’t have a page of $20 tattoos (although we have some really nice ideas for one.) So don’t ask.


About Kristyn Michele Bat

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  1. Seriously? $9?

    You should make a page of $20 tattoos full of really gross inappropriate things. Purposely misspelled or homoerotic or the chinese symbols for really awful things.

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