Join the Kitty Klub!

WOW! This is a LOT of Sanrio cuteness waiting to be tattooed. I want to do as many Hello Kitties as possible, so let’s go. Any of these Kitty designs, in full color of course, for $50. Size restrictions do apply, the $50 design will be a bit smaller than your palm but can be customized or enlarged for an extra charge. Like I said before, our shop rarely does special deals, but for something super fun and cute I’m excited to hook you up. You can go on Facebook and use this deal thing if you want, or just say you saw it on my blog. Bonus fun if you come get your Kitty at the South Florida Tattoo Expo next weekend – I’ll have special treats for everyone who joins the Klub.


About Kristyn Michele Bat

Teacher, tattooer, artist.


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