Tattoo Shop Pet Peeve #633

If you’re SO terrified of what your mom, dad, boss, grandma, auntie, husband, wife, boo, personal savior, etc. is going to think about your tattoo to the point that you are constantly running outside to answer the phone so they won’t know you’re at a tattoo shopyou may not be ready for a tattoo yet!

If you’re going to get kicked out if your parents find out you have a tattoo, or fired from your jobit’s probably not worth it.

If you have to settle for the tiniest, most inconspicuous design hidden underneath your big toe or somewhere else unsavory and unfeasible when you really want a big badass piece on your arm – it’s definitely worth waiting for.

Some artists have the luxury to make no compromises in placement or design, and usually you (the client, having already perused your artists portfolio and trusting in their ability) should listen to them – WE KNOW WHAT WORKS. But usually we (I speak for myself here) don’t mind working with you a little bit to give you the custom tattoo you want. And personally, I don’t mind doing tiny tattoos, as long as it’s something that I think is going to hold up. But we really don’t want to make sacrifices because of what you’re worried OTHER people are going to think. Isn’t your tattoo something you’re doing for YOU?

If not… please don’t waste our time.


About Kristyn Michele Bat

Teacher, tattooer, artist.


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  2. tash

    You are right about getting kicked out of your parents house but I will say about your job, is a little different. Your “employer” do not have the right to determine whether or not you are entitled to have a piece of body art. An exception would be if you signed a written contract agreeing not to have one. Furthermore, if you feel so restricted that you cannot express yourself, maybe it is time you re-evaluate your job. You shouldn’t compromise yourself for others beliefs because you will loose yourself in the process and that is a hard thing to recreate.
    I am not just talking about nothing, because I did just get my first tattoo in a visible spot and I am a child care provider. I also have a facial piercing as well as several ear piercings. I did battle with that whole scenario myself for a while. Partly, because I was torn about what to get and because of what others would think. Finally, I created two tatts in my mind that I wanted and realized that by not doing what I really wanted was holding me a prisoner of myself. Doing it, made me feel so much better! I can’t wait to get the second one.
    So, I say “go for it”!

    • Very true. I always feel like my tattoos are “insurance” of sorts against having the type of job that would restrict my individuality. Tattoos are becoming a social norm anyway. Thanks for commenting and subscribing, Tash!

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