Field Trip #1 – John U. Lloyd State Park

Why Living in South Florida is Usually Worth it / Reason 224: Sea Turtle Nesting Season

This summer I’m working for the YMCA-sponsored summer camp at the middle school where I have worked the past two years. It took me by surprise when I realized that the 8th grade campers are my former 6th graders, from my first year at the school. I’m really hoping I get to be their art teacher for their next, final year in middle school, and I’m also so excited about the incoming 6th graders. I have really nice groups of kids, and despite very short class sessions during camp, they’re making a lot of progress already. Every Thursday is field trip day, and last week was one of the best beach days I’ve had in a while.


Dania has always been one of my favorite beaches in South Florida, especially John U. Lloyd State Park. Naturally peaceful. While the campers were here we had them meet with a park ranger to learn about sea turtle nesting season, investigate the microorganisms hanging out in seaweed, test the chemistry of the ocean water, try to cook hot dogs with a solar oven, and play beach soccer, football and volleyball. A few days before the trip, one of the park rangers called to inform us that we’d be visiting on a day that a sea turtle nest was scheduled to be checked, and this experience was, as you can see, beyond amazing.   


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