Star Wars Weekend

Not too long ago, I broke down and purchased two annual passes for Walt Disney World, one of my favorite and often little-known obsessions. Disney World is about three hours away from our home in South Florida, and the Disney company recently started offering to split the cost of an annual pass into very convenient monthly installments. Pair this with my grandparents Disney Vacation Club membership and having Chip’s house at which to crash near Daytona (only an hour away from Disney) on the way there or back, and the whole thing becomes a very reasonable near-staycation.

Jesus and I went up to Disney for the second time since purchasing our passes to enjoy Star Wars Weekend and the opening of the newly revamped Star Tours attraction. I took almost NO pictures while we were in the parks, because we were too busy pigging out on the Disney Dining Plan. (Disney has a plan, club or pass for just about anything you can possibly want to do there.) I did not take pictures of our lovely room at the Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa (I forgot the name of this hotel last night at dinner – Billy asked me what it smelled like – I said horses – he instantly knew what resort I was referring to – this is how serious Disney fans roll.) I also, regretfully, did not take pictures of my outing with the uncles and cousins at Kimonos at the Swan, which included me getting to show off my man’s chugging skills, a $400 tab, and the discovery that Uncle Evans is a total badass at karaoke. However, these are the pictures that made it back, and since we’ve already got another trip on the docket for July 23 and many months of our pass left to go there are undoubtedly  lots more Disney posts and pictures to come.


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  1. July 23rd? hmmm… Maybe it’s time we buy passes.

  2. Just marked the calendar, we’ll be in Daytona that weekend. Jess, you know you’re more than welcome to stay w/us as well!

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