Weekend Noms

It’s so lovely to shop at the local farmer’s market for the week’s dinners, buying seasonable and sustainable ingredients to prepare healthy meals. But sometimes my lifestyle is not conducive to such luxuries. Sometimes thin-cut pork chops and Rice Krispies are buy one get one at Winn-Dixie and we get creative from there.

It was obvious what I was going to do with so much Rice Krispies, but the real fun was Jesus’ insistence on using the EXTRA JUMBO marshmallows. They were NOT on sale, but I’m glad I let him convince me that the fun would be worth it. These things are roughly the size of apples.

Lately, I’ve been getting really creative with cooking pork. It’s not something I’m even remotely tempted to eat, but it is one of the basic food groups for the seriously extra Cuban man that I live with, and it’s pretty easy to make something he’ll like every time. I was looking for ingredients to make arroz con gandules and did a quick Epicurious search mid-aisle to find another recipe that would make use of the leftover pork and mostly other ingredients I already had at home. Hence, pork & pozole burritos. I will probably leave arroz con gandules to a professional Puerto Rican next time, but I really enjoyed discovering sofrito and alcaparrado as ingredients. (The alcaparrado was delicious in the rice and beans I made as my meatless alternative, as well as the martini I enjoyed alongside it.) I found the burritos to be pretty, but bland. Overall, the cooking was fun and challenging, but the easiest dish to prepare, the Rice Krispie Treats, were the biggest hit. I don’t think Jesus had ever had homemade Krispie Treats, and the bi-color cereal was a delicious variation on a classic.


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