New Wheels!

I have been away from blogging for a few weeks because I’ve been busy doing everything else! There are four weeks left of school, two months until my temporary teaching certificate expires, about a month or so left at CBT Studios current location, a little more than a month before we do TattooLaPalooza. I’ve been drawing, painting, saving money, spending money, planning, revising, getting all of my ducks in a row. I have a lot of loose ends floating around right now and am so excited about how all of the pieces are going to *fit* into place. (I spy a Rocky Horror reference!)

Anyway, one of the things I’ve been dying to post about are my new wheels! Aside from art supplies, food and booze, I don’t spend a lot of money on stuff for myself. Most of the earnings from my 70+ hour work weeks go to rent and paying off my massive student loan debt. Having fast, shiny expensive things makes all of the hard work worth it. The last thing I did on my Epic Spring Break trip was buy a new bike! It’s taken me a bit to finally get some pictures of it.

Jesus had been looking around for a new wheel set for him and a new bike for me. In the course of our tour of every bike shop in Gainesville, we eventually found both. We finally found what we were looking for as far as my new ride at Mr. Goodbike. The people there were knowledgeable without being snobby, regular cool without being ultra-hipsters, and had what we wanted within our price range. In their own words, “nothing fancy, just good bikes and good service.” We couldn’t agree more.

If the bike wasn’t sweet enough, there’s also this.

I told my boss, Raphael a few weeks ago that I was thinking about what I should buy before summer comes and no check from school=I don’t have money to make serious purchases. He suggested another good liner (tattoo machine). Instead, I bought a car.  I was getting worried that my not-so-trusty Jeep Liberty from 2003 wasn’t going to make it through the summer. Weird, expensive-to-repair things were happening. Like water coming in through the visor? And the whole radio console and interior lights ceasing to function. Annnnd the weird noises coming from the engine. Volkswagen was able to hook me up with this brand new Jetta without too much fuss, so it happened, surprisingly painlessly. It came with a free 3 months of Sirius XM and of course I’m addicted now. I have an All Elvis option, what?!

What can I say, a girl’s got to have some toys.


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