Suppertime Sunday: Honey Garlic Ribs

My favorite thing that I don’t get to do due to my hectic schedule is cook real meals. Like I’ve mentioned before, I teach every week day from 8-4, walk and feed Lucy, then get to the tattoo shop most days by 6. I take one or two week nights off per week just to keep up on school and house work. Saturdays I’m tattoing 12-9. So Sundays, when we’re not off blowing our hard-earned cash on shoes and art supplies, I take so much pleasure in preparing new recipes. I don’t eat very much meat. I’ve been mostly vegetarian since I was a teenager – I haven’t and don’t really plan to cut out dairy, and do very occasionally snack on gross processed stuff like salami or hot dogs. Jesus has typically Cuban boy food preferences. It’s not usually a problem, as more and more people are realizing, to be a “mixed” couple in this way. 🙂

Last week, we were stocking up on groceries (meat for Lucy, cereal, yogurt, frozen veggies, pasta, beer) and pork ribs happened to be on sale, so I looked up a recipe real fast and got everything we needed for these honey garlic ribs. Most of the items I already had on hand from the last time I cooked ribs, a hawaiian-style braised recipe from my Gourmet cookbook that my friends went totally crazy over. Despite not eating them, I’m getting pretty good at cooking (and butchering) ribs. Also pictured is a homemade macaroni and cheese cupcake, an idea I stole from Swanky’s BBQ, but haven’t perfected yet! For myself, since I wasn’t enjoying the ribs, I stir-fried some kale with the same basic ingredients from the rib sauce – honey, garlic, soy sauce – to enjoy with the macaroni and cheese.


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