Women Do it Better! by Jesus Lopez

Here’s a re-blog my honey wrote about me over on our shop blog, CBT Studios that will hopefully answer that question everyone asks me: “Have you ever tattooed yourself?” The answer is, as you can see, yes. However, the spots on my leopard and a tiny Sanskrit word on my finger are the only instances because honestly, why do it myself when I work (and live, in one case) with so many talented people?

… And our very own Kristyn is proof of it as she tattooed part of her very own tattoo. I had to get up for a minute to grab something and to my surprise she started doing the tattoo herself. Claiming that it “hurt less” than when I was tattooing her, I had to sit there and press the foot pedal as she tattooed the teal spots in her pink leopard. And then she reluctantly let me take over again and I finished tattooing her. She still believes the tattoo only looks as good as it does because of her. You can check out the finished piece here.


About Kristyn Michele Bat

Teacher, tattooer, artist.


  1. Probably hurt less because it gave you something to focus on. Maybe when I come to get colored in I’ll bring something easy to crochet.

  2. The distraction is DEFINITELY one of the reasons I think it hurt less. It has to be something really mind-consuming (harder than watching a movie, that didn’t help me much) but not too difficult (easier than drawing) I think knitting or crocheting might be perfect, as long as it’s a leg tattoo! ! 😀 Someone needs to teach me…

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