How I Got Rescued From A Life of Mediocrity (and Some New Tattoos)

I got really serious about learning to tattoo after being laid off along with 400-some other Broward County teachers at the end of my first year with the district. (I was hired back the next year, then laid off again, then hired back. Thankfully, all of the fuckers who mismanaged this are now under serious legal investigation.) I did all the right things – finished college, got certified, got married, moved into a cute vintage house with a yard in downtown Ft. Lauderdale – but things were just not working out.  My life wasn’t recession proof. My grandma passed away, my then-husband couldn’t keep a job, my life was unraveling.

The way I saw it, a window had opened, and I was ready to jump through it. My family was (and continues to be) beyond encouraging, and I got the final push that I needed from my sister, Lindsey Bat. She had a friend (our piercer Alex Bach, the little bro of MY friend Krystall) who worked at CBT and sent me in to inquire about an apprenticeship. Once I started tattooing, I was lucky to have my sisters and good friends who were more than willing to be (and refer lots of other people to be) my early clients/victims, and I love to pay these people back now by tattooing them with a little more experience under my belt. 🙂 This week I gave Lindsey a feather tattoo that she has been wanting for a long time, as a memorial to my Grandma. It was really meaningful and I like to think it shows in the final product.

During the re-shaping of my life in the past few years, certain things were added and certain things have been removed. It turned out that my relationship at the time was one of the things that couldn’t survive the gale-force winds of change. However, as a notorious serial monogamist and a girl in an industry full of hot guys, I quickly took up with one of my co-workers. Jesus and I were apprentices together and although I hated him when he first started because I thought he was stealing all of my responsibilities at the shop, going through the process of learning to tattoo together resulted in some pretty epic bonding. Aside from some quick lettering I did on him a few months ago, I hadn’t tattooed him since our apprenticeship days, so I was really excited to do this libro on an empty spot he wanted to fill. (PS: You can see the crappy one I did on him a year ago, ignore that please! :blush:)




About Kristyn Michele Bat

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  1. Such a brave & honest post, really. Soo proud of you, always.

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