Let’s Go!

My good friend in real life, recent tattoo canvas and fellow blogger Jessa is always inspiring me to write more, live more, be good to myself more. She recently wrote over at her blog, Riotous Living, about one word resolutions. Yes, it’s almost April, but similarly to Jessa, I feel that I am at a crossroads that makes it appropriate to proclaim some purpose at this moment. Last August, my sisters, my mom and I went for mom’s birthday to see Eat, Pray, Love. I was, at the time, probably the only white suburban twenty-something who had NOT read the book, but I was appropriately touched by the movie and at times, dumbstruck by the way the main character’s experiences echoed my own.

Laura at Redroom, an Italian blog, explains how the author/character, Liz, finds her “word”.

When they are in Italy they all play a game, trying to find susbstutive words to describe and call things: like New York = ambitious, Stockholm = conformist, Rome= yeah well… sex! And so on. Liz she is still searching for her own word, she is a writer, just like the one i want to be! And at the end of the movie she finally finds it: the word is ATTRAVERSIAMO = let’s cross over. A word that -she says- embeds all the beautiful characteristics of the italian language: the open sound A, the rolling R, the sweetening S. And well, I am exactly going to cross over soon, I will cross the ocean to meet you. Andiamo, together, attraversiamo.

Before the movie ended, I knew my word, and I knew that it too, was in Italian. Yeah, I’m a copycat. Whatever. There’s not a one word English equivalent.


–interjection Italian .

let’s go; hurry up.

Andiamo sometimes means hurry up, yes, but not in a rude way. It’s what I say to my dog when she lingers sniffing a tree for too long. It’s what I say when I’m ready to do something. Andiamo. Let’s go. And sometimes it’s more excited, like ANNNDIAAAAMMOO!!! Like a battle cry. The word reminds me of all of these things, and of course, of my high school Italian teacher, Mrs. Singer. And of reading a zodiac book once when I was young and freaking out because it said that all a Sagittarius really ever wants is to go galloping off into the sunset, and at the time I was terrified of the thought that I’d one day want that sort of thing. It makes me think of positive responses – like, hey let’s go get ice cream. OK! Let’s go! It’s all about YES, let’s do this. Yes we can? Fuck that, I know we CAN, I don’t need permission from you, let’s just GO. Action. It reminds me of one of my favorite albums as a teenager, and the punk rock usage in general. It reminds me not to linger too long sniffing a tree, but just try to keep moving, moving past my past and keep moving in the direction of where I really want to be. So, let’s go.

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  1. I LOVE THIS word for you. Let’s help each other embody our one word resolutions this year! ❤

  2. Love this! In my head I heard the Ramones singing, “Hey, Ho! Let’s go!” 🙂

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