Back to School!

This week was tough, getting back to my regular schedule (teaching 8-4, tattooing 6 til whenever). I don’t usually post about my school job, but I’ve been trying to use my camera as a tool for grading and keeping track of student work so I’ve been taking more pictures in my classroom.

Here’s an example of a finished project, African-style masks representing characters from different Zulu folk tales. The students used layers of recycled cardboard (old science project boards, boxes from the cafeteria) to make the features and lots of beads, buttons and feathers for embellishment. Below you’ll see their planning process. I was pleasantly surprised when I looked back at these pictures at how engaged my students seemed. I have BIG classes (class size amendment does NOT apply to electives) and it often seems to me that they are constantly on the brink of complete chaos. In these little snapshots, though, moments are frozen and I can see progress and work happening.

Here are two of my special need students showing off their work.


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Teacher, tattooer, artist.

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