Infinite Irons

Why Living in South Florida is Usually Worth it / Reason 865: Local Pickup from the Infinite Irons Workshop

Jesus and I decided to celebrate what has been a very long year of friendship and work together (and obviously more now) by buying each other machines from the wonderfuld Joey D. over at Infinite Irons. We wanted to give each other machines for Christmas but, being overwhelmed by the holiday season, ended up spending our money mostly just buying and making stuff for other people. So when the time came to place our orders, it was hard to keep the secret of what exactly we had Joey working on for each other. Big thanks to Joey and Amy for the being as cheesy as Jesus and I are, for being someone we can look up to in this industry, and for running such a fantastic fucking business. And of course, for these beauties…

Can you tell whose is whose?

In addition to the custom coil wraps (vintage postcard and Sailor Jerry flash, respectively), custom engraving on our machines includes “Pure Evil” stamped onto Jesus’ armature bar and “Doe” stamped onto my side plate. The Baphomet engraving on Jesus’ sideplate is one of Joey’s custom designs. As soon as he saw it on the Infinite Irons site, I could tell my man was in love, and everyone at the workshop apparently got a kick out of building the Satan machine for Jesus. We’ve already gotten good use out of them and I’m looking forward to really letting mine show me what it can do on Wayne’s arm later tonight.


About Kristyn Michele Bat

Teacher, tattooer, artist.


  1. They are amazing! And they def did good work!

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