Farmer’s Market Sunday 2.1

This week, after a Saturday night with Lindsey Bat at Monterey Club and a post-show session at Southport (can’t beat two loaves of bimini bread, 1/2 lb of Old Bay shrimp and a pitcher of Yuengling for under $20 for late-night munchies), our co-worker and dedicated drinking buddy Eerie Erick crashed with us. So of course Sunday morning we hit the Yellow Green Farmer’s Market (again, second day and second week in a row) with Erick in tow.

Although Jesus and I exhausted ourselves on last week’s Shopping Sunday, Erick needed to pick up a few things around town and overall the day was so epic that it is going to have to be split up into separate posts. Right now I’m going to highlight just the prepared foods we enjoyed at the farmer’s market.

My friends at the Taco Shak now know and expect me, and this weekend I was treated to some extra-special vegetarian fare with the addition of black beans and pickled carrots to my usual veggie taco. My boys grabbed their meat (hehe) tacos and we did not stop there.

Latin Burger and Taco is just one of Miami’s responses to the growing food truck trend. We placed an order just in time – during the ten minutes or so it took for the food to be prepared, a huge line had accumulated in the parking lot of the market. The adobo-seasoned french fries were the only part of the meal I sampled, due to the meat-heavy menu as well as the Vietnamese tofu bánh mì (not pictured!) I had just fallen in love with. But Jesus and Erick give rave reviews to both the Macho Latino and the Burger Beast (above). Follow Latin Burger on Twitter to get at some of these tasty burgers.

That’s all for now, check back soon for Farmer’s Market Sunday 2.2 to see some scummy tattoo artists dirtying up all the beds at IKEA, macro food porn and more.


About Kristyn Michele Bat

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  1. I’m telling you. We need to open a food truck stat in St. Pete or even Gainesville. It would rock the casbah.

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